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Parma, the small capital in the heart of the food valley
Via Repubblica luci della sera Parma

Ancient and famous capital of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, Parma has recently received the prestigious UNESCO award of “Creative City for Food”.

The prestigious British newspaper, The Telegraph, has also ranked the city in fourth place worldwide as the best place in which to reside for the quality of life. Just ask around to notice the affection enjoyed by Parma, its cuisine and good life in the heart of Italians.

Parma, elegantly crossed by the stream of the same name, retraces the history of all the Italian cities beginning with Rome that founded it on Celtic ruins to the historical and artistic heritage of which it adorned itself over the centuries up until the excellences of our times.
Excellences such as cuisine that have crossed Italy’s borders and Europe to become known and appreciated in every corner of the planet. From Parmigiano cheese to cured ham, from culatello to filled pasta, from Lambrusco to Malvasia and thousands of more delicacies that you have not yet tasted.

A city with refined soul

Chiesa della Steccata Parma

A few lines are not enough to collect the splendours of Parma and its welcoming province. Therefore, here is a photographic journey that will help you discover the jewels that history has scattered over these lands.

You will find fascinating medieval castles such as Rocca Fontanellato or the beautiful Torrechiara, Romanesque cathedrals like the Duomo di Parma and its pink marble Baptistery or the medieval low reliefs of the Duomo of the industrious and elegant Fidenza. And then the Baroque church of Steccata, the Palazzo della Pilotta with the wonderful wooden theatre, the Palatine Library, Teatro Regio and the National Gallery.

Even if you try to sneak into the alleys and places of these places, this exciting itinerary must be seen with your own eyes. And with your very own palate.

Parma is a remarkable city located between the hills of the Apennines and the Po. Its pastures are so tasty and sweet that it is believed that no place in Europe can be compared to this one for its production of excellent cheeses. Hence, Parma’s name is known everywhere.
William Thomas, London, 1561

Shopping, Entertainment, Relaxation and Wellness

Shopping Parma Fidenza Outlet Village

Parma has always had a certain fame. Elegant and refined, the city, animated and “pleasure-loving”, the province. The first time you go to visit it is for curiosity. Then you continue… For love.

The joy of living in these places can satisfy every one of our senses. It is not a coincidence that Parma and its province are considered “the food capital of excellence”. And it is today as it was in Stendhal or Boccaccio’s time, even further back, when a mountain of Parmigiano cheese would be placed on Parma as a promise to go back.

But besides culture, art and good food, the offers are not lacking.
The Spa of Salsomaggiore is ancient and famous and probably the most particular liberty building in Italy. And just as important throughout the centuries is the Spa of Tabiano, known since 1800 to have the most sulfurised waters in Europe. Likewise, Fidenza Village is a must for those who love shopping amongst luxury shops and buildings recaptured by Verdi’s Aida. Or even little Parmaland and its adventure park, which was Franco Maria Ricci’s great dream, the world’s largest bamboo labyrinth, equestrian associations and their horse excursions, teaching farms and much more.

Food and Cultural Events

Festival del Prosciutto di Parma

Below you will find and discover a small part of how much this city and its surroundings can offer to those passing through their streets. Concerts, shows, fairs and events as well as festivals and not to be missed appointments on an international level.


In addition to the official city tourism website, there are also several other useful information websites to better organise your stay in Parma and its province.
Just remember that in the land of Parmigianino, in the heart of the food valley, every town has its festival and appointments are not lacking. Because if art nourishes the soul, Parma also nourishes the palate.



Teatro Regio di Parma

As is done every year, opera, dance, concerts and shows dedicated to the young and families make up the Season of Teatro Regio of Parma.
For more information, visit the website.



Cibus fiera del cibo Parma

Every two years, Parma hosts Cibus, the international food exhibition and the largest meeting place of Italian and international food. A not-to-be-missed appointment for everyone.


Gola Gola Festival

Gola Gola Festival del cibo Parma

Food, culture and entertainment meet amongst Parma’s squares, streets and villages. All of this through cooking shows, street food and outdoor restaurants as well as traditional products’ market, laboratories, music, art and culture.
For more information, visit the website.


November Porc

November Porc fiera gastronomica Parma

By losing yourself in the misty and tasty atmospheres of lower Parma, you will encounter November Porc. Local traditions, entertainment and food blend together in these places, leaving the role of the protagonist to the pork. The event takes place on several dates between the municipalities of Sissa, Polesine Parmense, Zibello and Roccabianca.
For more information, visit the website.



Festival del Prosciutto manifestazione Parma

The Fortress of the Prosciutto di Parma awaits you in Langhirano, the town of cured ham, with guided tastings, combinations and taste labs.


Verdi Festival

Festival Verdi Lirica Parma

The legend and atmospheres of Verdi relive in the “Verdi lands” between Parma and Busseto. The Traviata, Rigoletto, Nabucco, the Trovatore, Aida and much more through concerts, meetings, exhibitions, study days and cultural appointments are not to be missed.
For more information, visit the website.



Sagra del Giglio di Colorno eventi Parma

The national lily fair is a landmark amongst the Italian green thumbs. With this exhibition, the Reggia di Colorno invites its visitors to discover the other endless wonders of this land through gardening, green excellences of the territory and varieties that have now disappeared.



Tortelli d'erbetta cucina tipica di Parma

We could start with St. Joseph and its traditional fair where creativity, music and celebration merge in the markets of the Oltretorrente, the part of Parma on the other side of the river.

Or with St. John at the end of June that floods tortellis with butter and herbs in every town of the province.
Or St. Donnino, the very important patron saint of the city of Fidenza. Every year on October 9th, thousands of tourists flock amongst stands, rides and shows.

Or even Colorno in October with its sweet dough tortelli (Tortél Dóls) filled with sweet and savoury wine, grated bread and a mustard of ancient fruits. Or his Cross.


Strategic position in the heart of Italy

Cartina Nord Italia Parma

Located in northern Italy, in the western part of beautiful Emilia and nestled between the gentle hills that rise to the Apennines and the generous layout of the Po Valley’s wheat, the city boasts a strategic position even as a departure point for excursions towards other beautiful cities.

From here you can depart for Mantua and its lakes or Cremona with its tall Torrazzo. You can go to Garda, beautiful Sirmione or the prestigious cities of Verona and Milan. Or even Bologna with its towers and the magical city of Ferrara.

Its privileged position, which made Parma the city in which Stendhal wrote about, is today a one of a kind value that offers the opportunity of travelling northern Italy and reaching countless of places in no more than one hour by car.